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I'm better now, but I disclose these facts because you need to know that suicide is a real and ever-present risk with bipolar disorder. And if they don't succeed at first, they try, try again. 4) Never Give Up Hope When I'm far, far gone down the blackest path of depression, I know the phone will eventually ring, luring me back to my living room.

It isn't just a cry for help—it should be considered a call to action. Sometimes the smallest alleviation of stress can work wonders where suicide's concerned. Or when I'm so high my ceiling can't contain me, I know I'll eventually have to come down to answer the ping of an email. I would have given up on me around about the second suicide attempt.

Maybe we're your best friend, your employee, your boss, your child, your sibling, your lover. It's not always easy dealing with a bipolar person. So first let me say, on behalf of all the bipolar people I've met, thanks for making the effort.

Sometimes you run across those of us who aren't considered normal, and you just can't figure us out.

I accept the illness as a large part of my identity—it's the lens through which I see the world, and for a writer that's essential—but a slice is not the whole.Been reading all the info and I feel so blue I dont want to but sometimes I feel things would be better if I were not around,but then again it would be so hard on those I love. I hide in my bedroom so people can't see me and won't judge me. They tell me I'm intelligent, but if I am, why can't I function like normal person? I pretend to be someone I'm not because people don't want to know. I keep pretending Im fine but those closest to me see through the cracks.The mental Health care people are just going through the motion with me, they are employees who see us at our appointments, then go home. I give away my things to make people like me, only to find those people don't want to have anything to do with me. My wife even gets frustrated, like when an antibiotic or flonase (the damn nasal spray) triggered a manic episode in me.As for suicidal ideation, shall we talk about last week's bout?Sometimes the pain is just that bad—you figure death has to be the kinder option.

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