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She went on to say everyone tells her she looks incredible and that she keeps fit and eats well.And while all of that is wonderful, she is the age she is.She told me we were too obsessed with age and that we should not mention age at all in profiles and just match based on personality.And in a perfect world that’s exactly what we would like to do, however when I asked her if she would be happy to date a man whose age we would not tell her (following her own suggestion) she fell silent.And while women will exclaim that they don’t want to date someone a few years older because those men would not be as lively as they would like at their age, the double standard is lost on them entirely.Women guffaw at the notion that men would judge them based on their age alone all the while those women are busy judging the men on their age too.But we simply must accept that the age issue is real and must be dealt with.

We will only accept men that will date women up to their own age or down a few years.

We are stuck in the middle trying to pull everyone in from the fringes to find a reasonable meeting point.

But ultimately, we cannot force men to date women they don’t want to date and why would any woman even want to meet a man we had to cajole into meeting her?

Obviously, we do not take on these men but to make sure there are thousands of men to meet the thousands of women we have on the books, we must compromise and meet them somewhere in the middle (otherwise we would just end up with an agency full of women).

To be clear, we certainly do not condone men looking for unreasonable age gaps.

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