Dns not updating from dhcp 2016

The command line looks like this when run from a terminal on your diskstation. In my case it can be seen from an SSH terminal on diskstation with this command If all goes well you can now use hostnames to connect or communicate with your other devices and you have a DNS and DHCP on Synology NAS working together.

We will use the following: That is all you should need to change.

It lets them know “something” changed, so they should pull the new config. If you now click on the arrow by Edit and then click on Zone settings you will see the setting you just entered. (SOA = Start of Authority) is telling other DNS servers I’m the first and most important server for the domain we can edit the Email: value to a valid email address. We can leave all the other numbers as they are as they are sane values. This shows the values that are created automaticially from the information you have entered already. The mailserver also needs an MX type record so other mail servers know what hostname/IP address to connect to, when sending emails to a domain.

I did not enter anything in the name field as this MX type record is for the primary domain The mailserver also runs a web server for a blog but we do not want the URI’s going to https://mailserver.

It usually only states the blindingly obvious missing off any useful or helpful information.

This post will run through the harder parts of setting up DNS and DHCP on Synology NAS.

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That is, where you have an IP address and you want to lookup the hostname. Update the SOA record to change the email address to something valid. We will only need to add NS and PTR type record here.

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