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(No surprise that he's also made for a convincing character actor in movies like "Sling Blade" and "Panic Room.")"Dwight said something to me the first time I met him that I'd never heard anyone say," recalled Clark, who also traveled as an opening act on Church's 2014 tour.

"I asked him what was his favorite record that he'd made, and he said, 'All of them.' "His reply struck Clark as an indication that Yoakam "can look back on his body of work and love it all but also not be stuck on any of it."That's one reason that Yoakam, even when he's invoking his past, ranks among the most modern of country stars — and one well suited, at least in theory, to younger fans untroubled by the idea of a mutable artistic persona.

(Randall Roberts)Yet the record is no mere nostalgia trip.

It also reflects the influence Yoakam continues to have on younger country singers, along with his interest in their work (and, of course, their audiences).

"We're talking about people literally fresh to country music within the past two, three years."And though that trend might worry some older performers, Yoakam views it as a source of motivation."I think it's incumbent on artists my age to re-inspire themselves," he said as he returned his attention to his video.

“I like order,” Yoakam, 36, says in his Appalachian twang. “”It allows me to have chaos in my head.” Right now there’s enough clutter in Yoakam’s life to drive some folks round the bend.

"He wants his stuff to be as fresh and real and original as it can be."To capture the shiny but serrated sound of "Second Hand Heart," Yoakam set up shop in a space he called one of the few remaining "magic gardens" from the golden era of recording in L.

A.: Studio B at the Capitol Records building, where legends such as Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra — not to mention country stars like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard — laid down some of their most important songs.

he'd hit the Whisky a Go Go, yet another of the boulevard's music-related landmarks, for a raucous concert marking the April 14 release of his new album, "Second Hand Heart."Of the Whisky gig, where he performed tunes from "Second Hand Heart" for the first time since recording the album, Yoakam, 58, laughed and said, "It was like coming down the backside of Coldwater Canyon with no brakes." Even so, the show, like everything he'd done over the last few days, felt significant.

"It all kind of bookends what I was doing at the beginning of my career."Memories of Yoakam's scrappy early days on the L. club circuit — including a record-release show he played at the Roxy nearly 30 years ago to celebrate his debut album — course through "Second Hand Heart," which roars with the punky guitars and headlong tempos this Kentucky native picked up from bands like X and the Dils after he moved here in the late '70s.

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“It wasn’t by design; it’s just how the world shook out,” says the two-time Grammy winner, who spent much of that unofficial hiatus performing live and acting.

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