Error updating primary drop ang pagdating ng hapones

Both define_array and define_column have been called on this cursor. It is not possible for a cursor to both contain regular and array defines. Array defines are used to move data from select queries into PL/SQL tables and regular defines to move data from select queries into PL/SQL variables. (1) This user owns data in the transportable set, but this user is not specified in the TTS_OWNERS list of the import command line option, assuming that TTS_OWNERS is specified.A file rename attempt was refused by the operating system either because the source or destination directory does not exist or is inaccessible, or the source file isn't accessible, or the destination file exists. (2) This user is specified in the TTS_OWNER list, but this user does not own any data in the transportable set.

References can occur in hierarchies and attributes within the dimension.Check your initialization parameter files and correct the value of the ACTIVE_INSTANCE_COUNT parameter.If you are configuring a two node primary/secondary cluster database, set this value to 1.I hope you enjoy reading it and that it inspires you to come and see us in action.We are always delighted to welcome visitors and prospective parents to our school.

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