Error while updating filelist repository moved permanently to reporting liquidating

* Fixed issue #2896: Blame revisions List View selection and flickering issues * Fixed issue #2883: Improve wording for our "needs merge" hint in commit dialog * Fixed issue #2898: Branch name forced to be lower what leads to pull error * TGit Cache: Do not accidentally report up status of submodules to parent repo if not enabled * TGit Cache: Prevent more FILE_SHARE_VIOLATIONS for deleting files * Fixed issue #497: TGit won't let user delete folder * Fixed issue #2899: Fall back to %USERPROFILE% if %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% is not a directory for %HOME% detection as Git for Windows does * Fixed issue #2664: Windows explorer slow/very long delays with shell extension enabled = Release 2.3.0 = Released: 2016-10-01 == Features == * Fixed issue #2755: Tortoise Git Merge: find dialog box does not remember desktop location between invocations * When an alternative/external diff or merge tool is configured, you can now press the shift key while opening the diff to fall back to Tortoise Git Merge * Fixed issue #2812: Better indicate conflicts on stash pop and allow to automatically show changes * Fixed issue #2439: Add 'show branches this revision is on' to the blame window * Fixed issue #2026: Allow to navigate to branch shown on "Show branches this commit is on" dialog * Fixed issue #2806: Allow to turn off tooltips in file lists (in advanced settings using Show List Full Path Tooltip) * Fixed issue #2475: Allow to use mailmap translations in log dialog * Fixed issue #2816: Add mnemonics to Reset, Switch, Merge Abort and Export dialogs * Fixed issue #491: Rename dialog should have a browse button * Tortoise Git now uses latest libgit2 which supports git index version 4 * Added support for GIT_ASK_YESNO wrapper * Updated libgit to 2.10.0 * Fixed issue #2830: Log from Repository Browser should use selected branch by default * Fixed issue #2829: Add, Commit, Rebase, Repository Status, Resolve, and Revert dialogs try to remember the last selected line on refresh (e.g., after resolving a conflict) * Rebase and Commit Dialog: When clicking on OK or resolve and a conflicted file is detected, jump to it (aka goto next conflict) == Bug Fixes == * Fixed issue #2789: Sync Dialog In Change List tab auto-resize column not optimal * Fixed issue #2792: Mouse pointer disappears for the log window's context menu under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 * Fixed issue #2800: Authentication with non-ascii password fails * Fixed issue #2798: Commit message autocompletion doesn't work with UTF-8 encoded files * Fixed issue #2797: Rebase Dlg: Make branch selectors adjust with resized dialog * Autocompletion of filenames with umlauts in the commit dialog did not work * Fixed issue #2799: Column sizes in "Browse references" dialog are not remembered * Try harder to not report unchanged files as changed (if modification time changed) * Fixed issue #2809: Tortoise Git Merge: Block Control Button is always disabled on conflict resolution * Fixed issue #2814: "Git Check for modifications" and Commit dialog runs batch files for unversioned or ignored files * Fixed issue #2815: Tortoise Git Merge might hang with ignore comments enabled * Fixed issue #2557: Tortoise Git Update closes windows explorer but might not reopen it = Release 2.2.0 = Released: 2016-07-02 == Features == * Updated libgit to 2.8.3 * Fixed issue #2773: Directory renames should be displayed shorter * Git Status List now automatically adjusts the width of columns. * Fixed issue #2705: TGIT should allow cloning and/or creating from within a non-empty repository * Update Scintilla to 3.6.6 * Fixed issue #2271: "Check For Updates" dialog should be resizable * Fixed issue #1953: Add drag handler to Repository Browser * Fixed issue #2770: Include complete relative path in Tortoise Git Merge == Bug Fixes == * Fixed issue #2745: Tortoise Git 2.1 crashes on broken git config * Fixed issue #2759: Swapped THEIRS and MINE in cherry-pick conflict dialogs and context menus * Fixed issue #2767: The online help of Settings-Remote should explain the "Push Default" checkbox * Fixed issue #2772: Comparing with added file might result in comparison with empty file * Fixed issue #2774: Pull dialog with Russian Lang Pack has three defficiencies * Fixed issue #2783: "Delete and add to ignore list" does not work when more than 16 files are selected * Fixed issue #2740: Order of compared references in revision graph is labelled inverted * Fixed issue #2785: Rebase/Cherry-pick with conflict in renamed file fails * Fixed issue #2714: Tortoise Git Merge should redraw if font is changed * Fixed issue #2756: Tortoise Git Merge: Regex Filter doesn't filter from "Previous diff", "Next diff" operation * Fixed issue #2736: stash list/pop missing when refs are packed * /revision1: and /revision2: parameters of /command:showcompare are no longer mixed up = Release 2.1.0 = Released: 2016-03-26 == Changes == * We disabled the stripping of comments on commit messages by default again (see issue #2715) == Known issues == * Tortoise Git may crash at startup if git config is broken or libgit emits warnings/errors (see issue #2745).

Hotfix is available: Git- Features == * Update Pu TTY to 0.67 * Fixed issue #2733: Hide commit button after file add when invoked from commit dialog * Fixed issue #2734: When pull.rebase is set, start rebase just after fetch, not after OK button * Fixed issue #2731: Improved regex for C# files * Update libgit2 to 0.24.0 * Update Scintilla to 3.6.4 == Bug Fixes == * Fixed issue #2719: Commit & Push in Commit Dlg doesn't respect default remote and pushbranch settings * Fixed issue #1902: Commit Dlg: Do not lose SQUASH_MSG contents * Fixed issue #2732: Commit dialog: Message field should have focus (when patch is shown) * Fixed issue #2730: Pull with rebase with preserve merges not working for noops * Fixed issue #2728: Cherry Pick is not working in case of conflict and empty message * Fixed issue #2715: Cannot commit with a commit message starting with a hash (#) character * Updated libgit to 2.5.5 which includes fixes for CVE-2016-2315 and CVE-2016-2324 * Fix the the credential helper settings dialog = Release 2.0.0 = Released: 2016-02-29 == Changes == * Custom dictionaries are no longer loaded when located in %PROGRAMFILES%\Tortoise Git or %PROGRAMFILES%\Tortoise Git\bin-directory Must be in %APPDATA%\Tortoise Git\dic or %PROGRAMFILES%\Tortoise Git\Languages folder (former has priority) * Dropped TGit Cache Check Content configuration setting, please use TGit Cache Check Content Max Size instead (settings will be automatically migrated) * Pre- and post-push hooks do not get the path as first parameter any more * Git for Windows 1.9.5 or newer is now required * Tortoise Git now applies the same whitespace and new line sanitizing rules as git core for commit messages by default * Tortoise Git now strips commented lines (starting with #) on commit messages by default * We changed the version schema to X. Z, where X is incremented for major changes, Y for every stable release, and Z!

Please note that Cygwin Git is not officially supported by Tortoise Git as the developers only use Git for Windows. == Bug Fixes == * Fixed issue #2359: Selected files counter not updated after revert * Fixed issue #2362: get stuck on Win XP * Fixed issue #2372: Remote Config Tags Dropdown doesn't enable Apply-Button when switching to Reachable * Updated libgit2 in order to fix CVE-2014-9390.

Tortoise Git is not affected in its default configuration (libgit2 has to be manually enabled for cloning).

* Fixed issue #2546: Location bar in Tortoise Git Merge missing * Fixed issue #2545: Incorrect Tortise Git Merge behavior when ignore comments is on * Fixed issue #2544: Log Dlg giving inconsistent results with rename and merge files with follow renames * Fixed issue #2479: Tortoise Git does not work in hard link folder = Release = Released: 2015-04-08 == Features == * Fixed issue #2441: A way to disable the sound that is played on errors * Updated shipped Tortoise Git Plink and putty binaries to version 0.64 * Fixed issue #2466: Tortoise Git UDiff tool cannot be localized * TGit Cache: Improve reaction time for propagating changes to explorer * Fixed issue #2031: Missing option to disable displaying "FETCH_HEAD" in "Switch/Checkout" dialog box * Log, Repo Browser, and Rebase Dialogs: Allow to compare arbitrary files across commits * Fixed issue #2534: Use the current time for amending commit (also sets commit time) * Tortoise Git Blame: Implemented search forward (F3) and search backward (Shift F3) * Allow to compare file with deleted file in Commit Dlg (e.g., useful for renames) * Allow to use Explorer context menu options from Tortoise Git context menu * Sort remotes logically/case-insensitively == Bug Fixes == * Fixed issue #2427: "Submodule of Project: " cannot be localized * Fixed issue #2432: Message Box buttons cannot be localized * Fixed issue #2433: Cannot see the log in Diff with previous version * Fixed issue #2453: The overlay icon of committed files in a submodule named with Chinese characters is unversioned icon * Fixed issue #2455: "Diff with ..." menu cannot be localized * Fixed issue #2431: Add fails in submodule after upgrade from 1.8.12 to 1.8.13 * Fixed issue #2449: wrong column info in tag reference dialog * Fixed issue #2436: Overlay icons gradually disappear or show files as unversioned after a short time * Fixed issue #2374: Rebase option in config not working anymore for pull * Fixed issue #1440: Different status of modified renamed or moved files in Show log dialog, Check for Modifications dialog and Commit dialog * Fixed issue #1501: Unchanged files appears modified in Show Log dialog * Fixed issue #2477: Change "Split commit" label to "Edit/Split commit" in Rebase dlg * Fixed issue #2481: "Start registry editor" does not work properly in non-English locales * Fixed issue #2480: Commit Dlg: auto-complete doesn't include removed items * Fixed issue #2451: Cleanup fails quietly if file is in use * Various bug fixes based on our newly added unit tests * Not all remotes showing in Push/Pull/Fetch/Sync dialogs (was limited to 25) = Release = Released: 2015-02-15 == Features == * Improved auto update Version checks will use SSL (on Vista or newer systems) New file format with more options * Fixed issue #2243: Submodule red-icon doesn't propagate to higher folders (configurable now) * Improved overlay icon accuracy You might need to kill TGit once using the Task Manager in order to reset its cache * Fixed issue #2388: See the exact time when the Relative time in log enabled * Fixed issue #2346: Add drag'n'drop to "Apply patches" window * Fixed issue #2357: Save the state of Search criteria checkboxes in Log dialog * Fixed issue #2420: Make push available in log for arbitrary commits (when pressing the shift key) * Fixed issue #2351: Allow upstream to be separate from onto in rebase * Fixed issue #1400: Allow the use of tags within the Git Rebase dialog * Fixes issue #2417: Resolving a conflict forces refresh of Commit Dialog A new advanced option (Refresh File List After Resolving Conflict) was added which controls whether file lists are refreshed after resolving conflicts.

By default this is set to true, but can be disabled in cases where refreshing the list takes lots of time or people don't want the list to automatically scroll to the top (this also mitigates issue #1949 until we have a cleaner fix). * Fixed issue #56: Ability to use Cygwin's git instead of msys Git Check out the manual (keyword "Cygwin git") regarding Cygwin Git support and configuration hints.

https:// * Fixed issue #2935: Icon overlay not shown for files on network UNC paths * Fix possible crash in Tortoise Git Merge when applying patch = Release 2.4.0 = Released: 2017-01-31 == Major change == * TGit Cache and icon overlays are case sensitive now == Features == * Fixed issue #2505: Add support for bisect skip * Fixed issue #2757: Allow to use quotes in command line arguments, like /logmsg:"Some text ""Quoted text"" another text" * Fixed issue #2849: Optimize include and exclude paths for context menu and overlay icons We synced the include/exclude paths code with Tortoise SVN. Some people might need to update their include/exclude paths, see our manual for more information.

* Fixed issue #2136: Log Dlg: Indicate that the View and Walk Behavior buttons contain a menu * Fixed issue #1635: Add option to set Tortoise Git Merge foreground text colors * Fixed issue #2586: Integration of further hooks: pre-rebase and post-commit * Fixed issue #2444: Drag and drop on commit dialog to include files in the list for committing * Browse References Dialog: Allow to filter for merged and unmerged branches * Fixed issue #2273: Remember the width of the "view patch" window * Fixed issue #2710: Allow start-commit hook to prevent the Commit dialog from showing * Fixed issue #2865: Clickable URLs in Tortoise Git output window * Fixed issue #2154: Copy to clipboard function in show log window doesn't include annotated tag or notes messages * Fixed issue #1668: Allow submodules to be removed ("Delete" is now available for submodules) * Update libgit2 to 0.25.1 * The shipped libgit2 uses the Cr Lf filter logic from Git = 2.9 * Fixed issue #2863: Increase text box size limit for command progress dialog and make it configurable * Fixed issue #2274 and issue #2750: Add advanced option for controlling which date/time is used for squashed commits (setting: Squash Date) 1: Use date of last commit, 2: Use current date, 0: Use time of first commit into which others are squashed (default) * Fixed issue #2633: Check for Modifications dialog doesn't refresh after commit * Fixed issue #1656: Add "dcommit" to change sets in "log messages" * Fixed issue #2741: Tortoise Git Blame: Allow to limit blame on first parents * Fixed issue #2826: Highlight commit to which the parent repo points to in the log for submodules (named: super-project-pointer) * Added a first start wizard which can be re-run from Tortoise Git settings * Fixed issue #2593: Hitting escape closes the commit window without any attention message * Fixed issue #2702: File selection dialog should not open for Add if only files are selected * Fixed issue #1749: Create Patch Serial: Remember "Since" branch * Fixed issue #2264: Insert new items into interactive rebase and cherry-pick process * Fixed issue #2456: Allow to compare change sets in log * Updated libgit to 2.11 * Updated pcre to 8.40 * Several high DPI optimizations * Fixed issue #2889: Tortoise Git Merge: Show inline diffs in one-pane-view mode as well, at least for single line changes * Fixed issue #2894: Enable/disable check boxes for hook scripts * Enable/disable check boxes for bugtraq plugins * Fixed issue #2283: Improve symbols for "Symbolize ref names" * Fixed issue #2746: Sub WCRev equivalent required: Git WCRev added * Fixed issue #2082: Rebase Dlg: Reorder commits via drag'n'drop * Fixed issue #2210: Do not allow merging from the current branch to the current branch == Bug Fixes == * Fixed issue #2837: Fixed layout issues on settings dialog * Fixed issue #2839: The dialog "check for updates" has a resize issue * Fixed issue #2845: Sticky button when resizing the "Rename dialog" * Fixed issue #2846: Spell checker won't add unknown words to dictionary. If you have non ascii chars in your dictionary and want to keep those, you need to manually convert these to UTF-8.

= Release = Released: 2013-08-18 == Features == * Fixed issue #1831: Allow Origin Remote Renaming on Clone * Fixed issue #1839: Conflict dialog does not allow resolving multiple or all conflicts with the same option * Allow to send (patch)mails over relay servers (e.g." dialog shows "Stash" labeled button instead of "Pop" * Fixed issue #2161: Windows explorer slow/very long delays with shell extension enabled and accessing network folders * Fixed issue #2198: MSVCR110error with Tortoise Plink.However, using Tortoise Git Plink is recommended = Release = Released: 2014-04-01 == Features == * Fixed issue #2065: Add link to fetch to screen when push failed * Fixed issue #1855: Support negative log filter syntax * Fixed issue #1029: Add function to control the TGit Cache module * Fixed issue #2086: Rebase autoskip patches that are already in upstream * Fixed issue #2112: Disable option for Drag & Drop Handler * Fixed issue #2114: Allow to swap rebase refs * Updated libgit to version 1.9.0 * Fixed issue #1920: Diff in log dialog like in commit dialog * Fixed issue #2134: Easier to select lines to partial commit in Tortoise Git Merge * Fixed issue #2135: Add menu button to open Explorer when clone finishes == Bug Fixes == * Fixed issue #2067: Normalize email with capital letters when calculating gravatar hash * Fixed issue #2071: TGit Cache blocks Windows to eject USB drive * Fixed issue #2074: Time field not large enough * Fixed issue #1648: Issue with handles being kept when there are uncommitted changes * Fixed issue #2083: Tortoise Git Blame 'show unified diff' actually performs compare * Fixed issue #2087: Rebase Combo Box Drop Down List too short * Fixed issue #2088: log entries have space in front of message without labels if right side drawing is enabled * Fixed issue #2075: Commit do not show merged files after merge * Fixed issue #2097: Wrong context menu when selecting ignored file in Status dialog * Fixed issue #2099: Cannot cancel "Delete and add to ignore list" * Fixed issue #2109: Checkout Tag without creating Branch - Remove Pull Option * Fixed issue #2106: "All local branches" option is not remembered * Fixed issue #2076: Issue Tracker Integration is broken in * Fixed issue #2124: Rebase icon not properly displayed * Fixed issue #2113: Jira Svn bugtraq provider's commit behavior is broken * Fixed issue #2128: tagopt not saved when asked to disable tag fetching * Fixed issue #2127: After delete last tag in Browse references, tree of refs disappeared * Fixed issue #2131: Commit message not used when merging with "squash" option * Fixed issue #2147: Resolve not dealing correctly with (modify/delete) conflicts * Fixed issue #2148: Cherry pick with conflicts does not add "Cherry picked from..." * Fixed issue #2150: Integrate with issue tracker - bug Id cannot be larger than 6 digit number = Release = Released: 2014-01-12 == Features == * Fixed issue #1943: Add "Ignore N items by extension" in Commit dialog * Fixed issue #1952: Export specific folder * Fixed issue #1002: No right-drag context menu (git copy & add, git move) * Fixed issue #1956: Ship more overlay icon sets as Tortoise SVN does * Add Ref Compare List in Sync Dialog * Fixed issue #1975: Pull Dialog should remember fast forward only * Fixed issue #1981: Hotkey to focus on file list in commit dialog * Fixed issue #1979: Comments are not stripped from commit message * Fixed issue #1991: Disable (by default) certain operations with stash commits * Updated shipped libgit2 to version 0.20 * Fixed issue #2010: Conflict dialog show local and remote commits * Autocompletion for language-dependent keywords (usually class/method/variable names) in the commit dialog * Fixed issue #2034: Show gravatar in Tortoise Git Blame * Fixed issue #871: Blame copy/move detection and other options * Fixed issue #1990: Tortoise Git Blame always takes whitespace into account * Fixed issue #1988: Allow tag selection in From/To fields instead of dates only * Fixed issue #2015: Save and load ref lists (selections) in "Show log" - "Browse references" * Fixed issue #1847: Option to show all local branches in log view * Fixed issue #1823: Pressing tab key can insert spaces instead of tab in Tortoise Git Merge * Fixed issue #2047: Create a log file with git commands and output * Fixed issue #1129: Add Fetch/Pull operations in Show Log window * Fixed issue #2048: Add date to stash list / reflog * Fixed issue #2049: Add pull to after commit actions * Fixed issue #1980: Add Show Unified Diff entry to context menu in Tortoise Git Blame in Revision List * Fixed issue #1820: Show Assume valid/unchanged files in repo status dialog on a separate list * Fixed issue #1603: Make "Show Whole Project" in log and commit dialog autosaved * Fixed issue #827: add the option to autoclose the "Git command progress" window * Fixed issue #1913: SVN DCommit Button in successful merge Dialog * Fixed issue #1978: Use file directory on Save revision to path in Repository Browser and log dialog * Updated libgit to version * Fixed issue #2059: "Go to line" CLI argument support for diff command == Bug Fixes == * Fixed issue #1947: When editing git notes, spurious reformatting is done * Fixed issue #1958: Revision graph crashes when trying to switch/checkout via context menu * Fixed issue #1963: Tortoise Git Merge: Missing color config when an added line is changed * Fixed issue #1976: Commit log crashes if it receives a WM_PRINTCLIENT while opening * Fixed issue #1974: bugtraq logregex does not save correctly * Fixed issue #1977: Commit log: cannot select multiple branches if a branch name matches a filename * Fixed issue #1992: Compare selected refs fails if tag object is selected * Fixed issue #1985: Tortoise Git Blame does not follow renames when comparing line with previous version * Fixed issue #2008: Wrong reflog if hash repeated * Fixed issue #2004: In create patch serial dialog, number of commits up down buttons reversed * Fixed issue #2013: Double-clicking on ref log list doesn't work until after right-clicking it * Fixed issue #2016: Changed files list forgets sort order after switching versions in compare revisions dialog * Fixed issue #2014: "Show log" doesn't update properly when a window is dragged over it if aero is not enabled * Fixed issue #2021: Disable commit template when combine commits * Fixed issue #2024: Unnamed "remote" should not be created * Fixed issue #2027: Failed to preserve selected commit when filter is removed * Fixed issue #2030: Tortoise Plink crash on x64 * Fixed issue #2037: Tortoise sometimes does not close it's handles in * Fixed issue #2040: "fatal: pathspec did not match any files" error when resolving deleted/modified conflict * Fixed issue #1866: Check for newer version of tgit behind proxy * Fixed issue #1927: Clicking on a hyperlinked commit hash leaves the target's log message un-hyperlinked * Fixed issue #1835: Question mark icons on committed unchanged files * Fixed issue #2053: Can't do "Combine to one commit"; changed file list wrongly empty * Fixed issue #2051: Submodule update error when fetch Recurse Submodules has value on-demand * Fixed issue #1860: Race condition in Progress Dialog * Fixed issue #2020: Passworddialog in background after requesting username * Fixed issue #1802: submodule update module selection not always accurate * Fixed issue #1579: Log Dialog sometimes forgets the dialog height == Known Issues == * If you upgraded Windows 8 to 8.1 and you experience problems with the installer, please see issue #2061.= Release = Released: 2013-10-20 == Features == * Revision Graph: Can generate output graph file through command line * Fixed issue #1858: Switch-and-merge as a single command * Log Dialog: Support Gravatar * Implement git checkout --merge * Tortoise Git IDiff: Conflict resolving for images * Fixed issue #1795: Allow to put branch labels on right side of message column in log view * Fixed issue #1870: Commit subset of changes selected from diff dialog * Fixed issue #1785: If Pu TTY defaults to anything other than type SSH port 22, Tortoise Git acts up on SSH cloning (fixed in Tortoise Git Plink.exe) * Add setting to confirm to kill running git process in progress dialog * Added support for tgit://-links to start cloning from browser (e.g.tgit://clone/ * Added optional support for git://-links to start cloning from browser * Added optional support for smartgit:// and github-windows://-links to start cloning from browser In order to be able to use github-windows://-links on web page, you have to enable them for your Git Hub profile once.

Search for error while updating filelist repository moved permanently to:

error while updating filelist repository moved permanently to-78error while updating filelist repository moved permanently to-64error while updating filelist repository moved permanently to-37error while updating filelist repository moved permanently to-57

The dictionaries can be found in %APPDATA%\Tortoise Git\*

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