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Because although researchers estimate 60 per cent of men are unfaithful compared to 40 per cent of women, the web has facilitated a boom in infidelity for women aged between 35 and 49.

Some 37 per cent of this age group confess to engaging in internet affairs and cybersex.

In it, I explored how and why unfaithfulness was on the increase.

Communication was risky — what if your husband dialled 1471 on the house phone and discovered who had been calling?

You can start an intense relationship without even meeting in person, and nearly all inhibitions have been abandoned.

In my 30-plus years as a counsellor and 20 years as an agony aunt, you could say I’ve been exposed to it all.

The internet gives us all the ability not only to cheat, often entirely undetected, but to engage in previously unimaginable levels of serial philandering.

Significantly, I’ve noticed a rise in the number of women in long-established marriages — where inevitably the initial excitement has waned — who would never have cheated pre-internet, but who are now having online affairs. Two years ago Sarah, a married mum of children aged nine, seven and four, signed up to a dating app after a few glasses of wine with a single girlfriend.

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