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Uppers will usually always throw a tablecloth over – of course they have a French polished (inherited) table.They don't feel the need to display it to prove it.If you add so much starch that the linen is so stiff it may as well be card, then diners will cut their lips.'Linen feel' napkins from supermarkets do not magically transform your middle class 'home' into some minor historic house.A regular paper napkin is smarter than something pretending to be something it's not.They were a Victorian middle class invention for people who used the same napkin for two (or more) separate meals. The one accessory seen in the grandest of dining rooms is a retinue of staff.The days of Downton and that ilk may be over but even just one member of staff on hand to assist with serving the wine or helping ladle a sauce adds invaluable cachet.And let's not pretend that kitchen roll is a suitable substitute for a proper napkin, please.

So many hosts set the table and seem to inexplicably not set a napkin.

Extending tables are not just the reserve of Ikea shoppers – they are no new thing.

Your table may extend, but only by adding extra leaves.

Lower class houses tend to have the dining table in the middle of the kitchen – middle class houses have a kitchen table (often round) and then a separate dining room.

The ideal response, however, when your loved one asks the question, 'shall we eat in the dining room, tonight? Much can be gleaned from the quality and build of the table itself.

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Her sister Pippa may be the family party planner, but with state banquets and receptions with countless dignitaries under her belt the Duchess of Cambridge has certainly picked up a few tips on being a hostess.

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