Gambian dating girls

Jobs are hard to find so most women prefer to find a man and become a housewife.

The cost of living in Africa is low enough so you can survive of the man’s income.

If you are looking to have a big family and multiple wives, then Africa is the place to go.

While polygamy is frowned upon in western nations, Africa embraces manhood and the women are ready for the bedroom 24/7 365.

If a woman doesn’t want to cook for you, then she has no respect for you, fellas.

Take one trip to Africa and you will see what I mean 🙂 If you are fed up with Black western girls, then you should definitely give African women a chance.

Anyone who has a little money and confidence will clean up in Africa.

Just like American women love to cheat on their partners, you will see the same phenomenon in Africa but it’s actually much worse.

Africa is the most promiscuous place in the world where sex is as common as eating.

I went on a date with a Gambian girl and she invited me over for lunch instead of going to a restaurant.

African women love to show off their cooking skills and fill your stomach.

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