Internet dating infested by 419 scammers

-They will choose a source where they can copy multiple photos (and sometimes video) of the same woman, including "sexy" (e.g. -The most common sources of photos for scammers playing females are modeling sites like (which provides plenty of swimsuit photos) and porn sites.-Scammers playing female characters will rarely re-use photos provided by scam victims.The online social world brings many benefits, but it also carries many risks.Social networking sites and dating sites can be great places to reconnect with old friends and establish new relationships, but they are all too frequently infested with scammers who have learned to use them for their own purposes. is a search site, similar to google, that analyzes and catalogs photos across many internet sites.When you submit a photo to Tineye, it will search for a match to that photo in its catalog.Scammers playing males choose professions that make them appear to be successful and reliable.

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Scammers do not use photos of themselves, and they typically look nothing like the person in the photos they are using.

Scammers playing females:-When playing a female character, a scammer will typically use photos of someone very young and highly attractive.

Tineye has captured photos on a wide variety of sites, including parts of wikipedia and several dating sites, so it may help you to identify use of public figures' photos and to find other dating profiles using the same photos.

like all photo searching software, it is limited, and may not identify edited or cropped photos.

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