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I use this one myself, it helps to break the ice and it is polite yet confident. my telephone number and my address is such and such... When you introduce yourself on use common sense and do not reveal any personal details about yourself. Take as much time as you need in getting to know someone before being comfortable enough in revealing all there is to know about you. Dating Tip #2 Do not lie about yourself on your profile.

Dear friend, No doubt dating online or off, you have been and are been tested by women. Well that’s a long winded answer, and I gave up physco analyzing women a long time ago. Let’s look at the tests.1) The old 'outrageously flirting with another man in front of you' test.2) The old 'yelling at you for checking out another girl to see what you do’ test.3) The horrible and dreaded 'canceling a date at the last moment for no reason' test.4) The worst one of all, 'getting you really turned on while making out and then saying no to see if you really respect me' test.

Even women will admit they can’t understand themselves! [I really don’t like this one.]There are many, many more tests but this is enough for the purpose of this article.

This will cool her off and if it doesn’t, you may have an unsuitable partner who will flirt every time you go out.

You can only change yourself and your emotions so it’s unlikely she will change this habit. If she is always a flirt, you need to move on from her, she is trouble.2) The old 'yelling at you for checking out another girl’s arse to see what you do’ test.a.

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