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An amazing man, son, father, brother, brother-in-law, friend, and so much more. My life will never be the same without you my love, day in and day out. I'll never forget you and I at the Van Wingerdon fire. I am blessed for having worked with him, and for having known him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Many thanks to Roy too for being a part of our program.You worked so hard to make everyone around you happy. I would also see her at Forest Lawn for those Veteran events. Dear Vicki, Mark and Tracy, We, Linda Mathewson and Julie Abrahamowicz, are so very sad to hear of the passing of your Mom and your Dad.Prayers are sent to you from Statesville Mark and family we are so very sorry for your loss.But only in a short time the next sight of your dad will be a Glorious meeting.Knowing Buddy is in His presence this day because of his love for God is indeed a blessing and a promise that we will reunion with him some day at the throne.God Bless you all, Ken and Joy Waldrop Judy, we're sorry for your loss.She will be much missed by the community and will not be forgotten by her friends or those she served in her professional capacity. We have many fond memories of Sally with her infectious smile every time we saw her in our neighborhood, even as she would come right up to our barking Sheltie when others were afraid to do so. I want to be there for the services but for various reasons I cannot and I want you to know how much I regret that. He visited me in California when he was in the Air Force and I lived there.

Eddie was such a special man and you could always feel his love for his family.

He suffered so much, but now all the pain and depression is over and he is with his Lord and Savior. Both Joy and I wish to express to the entire Gibbs family our sincerest condolences for your loss.

We both pray for God's blessing to fall on all of you.

This does not mean that we no longer cry or that we forget, but it means we recover. When Jesus was on earth he saw the grief that his friends Martha and Mary experienced at the death of their brother, Lazarus, the Bible says, “Jesus cried,” (John ). Everyone was so joyful at having Lazarus back with them. all those in the memorial tomb will hear his voice and come out." Jesus was referring to the resurrection. Just like an anchor stabilizes a ship, our hope stabilizes us, keeps us from drowning in overwhelming sadness so we can go from one day to the next. Not only does God provide the Bible to comfort, he will also comfort you by moving people who care about you to give you help and words of encouragement that you need to hear.

When he brings the reality of his promised resurrection, all your tears of pain will be replaced with tears of joy.

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