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'Not merely was there not the faintest hope of either of them finding happiness together, but I could see them causing serious harm to one another.' The photos were taken by the world's most famous photographer, David Bailey, an East End boy whose fame was already soaring sky high in the sixties. A series of diary entries in Frances's own handwriting chronicle some detail of their troubled marriage.

In their sharp suits, they did their best to maintain, publicly at least, a veneer of respectability, but they were involved in just about every form of criminality imaginable. 'She was in a situation she couldn't handle,' recalled Freddie Foreman, the 'Godfather of crime' who served ten years in prison for his role in the disposal of the boy of Jack 'The Hat' Mc Vitie, and who met Frances many times in the clubland setting. One night, knowing she hated the sight of blood, Reggie deliberately cut his hand and tormented her by letting the blood drip onto her.

The shocking incident could have been the trigger that made Frances pack her bags and return to her family that summer. If she did attempt to 'escape' there was always the threat - which Frances believed - that the Kray network could seek anyone out, no matter where they went. That summer, Frances received shock treatment, commonly used to treat depression then.

Once safely back with her family, Frances recounted some of what had been going on. She was still trapped in the Kray web, shunned by many out of ignorance or fear.

Rows between them started to be a regular occurrence.

He very much wanted the twins' childhood friend and supporter, Father Hetherington, to marry them.That was her life: waiting for Reg to finish whatever it was. Then there'd be a day or two's silence and he'd turn up again, all promises and apologies and huge bouquets of flowers like she'd never seen.Then, under the intensity of his persuasion, she'd relent.In all probability, Frances was too diminished by everything she'd experienced to push him away or make big demands. The following day, she saw Reg and they booked the tickets at a local travel agent.They farewelled each other and her brother's flat and Reg went home.

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