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By early 1959, serial number 949 had been reached, necessitating a new system.The “New” System This system was used from Spring of 1959 to the end of 1965.We found a very early Paramount – claimed to be a 1938-9 vintage – with serial number A545.Little is known about serial numbers for bikes built after World War II.For example, FF018524 was built in June of 1970, serial number 018524.All Paramount tandem production had ceased by the end of 1979.

The problem is that it looks slighty different from the original catalog pik i have so im not sure of the year now.. Serial# is 2kbxm00238 • • I cant find this bike online anywhere. Perhaps there is another number that I overlooked somewhere else on the bike but I looked all over and believe this is the only number.

The Earliest Paramount Serial Numbers The very first Paramounts seemed to have had serial numbers starting with “A” followed by two or three digits.

This seems to have been a system started by Emil Wastyn.

Toft was booked into the Lewis County Jail for fist-degree assault, Chief Deputy Dusty Breen said.

ALTERCATION • Chehalis police were called yesterday to Green Hill School to take a report of an incident occurring on Nov.

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The firstletter tells production month, the second tells production year.

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