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While the press release did not specifically mention "Trapped in the Closet," Parker and Stone assert that he quit because of the episode and its treatment of Scientology, as Hayes was a member.

Stone commented that Hayes practiced a double standard regarding the treatment of religion on South Park: "[We] never heard a peep out of Isaac in any way until we [lampooned] Scientology.

Hickory Flat Elementary School in Cherokee County, Georgia issued a ban on wearing any South Park clothing.

In a 1999 poll conducted by Nat West Bank, eight- and nine-year-old children in the United Kingdom voted South Park's character Eric Cartman their favorite personality.

For instance, in late 2008, on behalf of Muslim activists and members of the Russian Pentecostalist Church, a group of prosecutors in Moscow sought to have the Russian channel 2×2 closed in an attempt to prevent them from broadcasting the series, which they claimed promoted "hatred between religions." Their appeal was rejected by Russian media officials, and the channel's broadcasting license was extended until 2013.

Ron Hubbard before denouncing the church as nothing more than "a big fat global scam." Tom Cruise, also a Scientologist, is seen in the episode locking himself in Stan's closet and refusing to come out, as other characters ambiguously plead for him to "come out of the closet" in a parody of rumors involving Cruise's sexuality.

Isaac Hayes, the voice of the character Chef, quit South Park.

A press release cited his objections to the show's attitudes toward and depiction of various religions.

The latter seasons are rated MA15 , which is a rating restricted for people over 15 years, and is strong in impact.

Despite being rated M on television, the season 3 DVD set was the first season to receive an MA15 rating.

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