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Craftily, he ordered that two trains already dealt with should be unpacked once more to add to the chaos. Just as VHS was to supplant Betamax in the video world of the 1980s – and then itself be threatened by CD ROMs and DVDs – so- following the submissions of the Royal Commissioners – the 1846 Gauge Act made the Coal Cart spacing of the Stephensons a national British standard.Even before the Government had decided to investigate though, the railways were taking action to reform.An electric telegraph - invented by Gloucester's own Charles Wheatstone - had warned spectators that the train had passed Cheltenham, but when Her Majesty finally appeared on the platform and it was time for the Corporation and Clergy of Gloucester to move forward with their addreses the crowd followed behind them and , as the Gloucester Journal reported, Indeed, the Great Western Railway was to link Gloucester – but not yet Cheltenham – to Swindon by May 1845: thereby bringing even more trains to the crowded Gloucester platforms. "Another placard explained that the distance of 37 miles between Gloucester and Bristol could be traversed by a Broad Gauge train in 1 hour 45 minutes while the best timing for the 51 mile Gloucester to Birmingham journey was 2 hours 35 minutes.

In fact the only benefit brought by the Break of Gauge came in 1849 when Gloucestrians had the chance to see Queen Victoria change trains – and then only because Her Majesty was avoiding London on a journey from Balmoral to Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight due to an outbreak of Cholera in the Capital.

The Midland was financially helped in its takeover bid by the London & North Western Railway – whose engines included "Columbine", seen here.

The London & North Western also offered the use of Birmingham New Street station in return for keeping the Great Western off its territory.

For this event a scarlet cloth was spread across the station platform with a richer carpet laid down for the Royal party itself as it moved from the carriages of the coal cart gauge to those of the Great Western.

The columns supporting the platform canopy were also decked with flowers and laurels, although the crowd did get somewahat over excited.

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Indeed, until Greenwich Mean Time was adopted in 1880, railway stations in Gloucester boasted clocks displaying Bristol, Birmingham and London time. Coaches before waggons – the blessing of the broad gauge for the Northern districts. They discovered that Great Western locomotives were more powerful and fuel-efficient than their rivals and also offered less rolling resistance per unit of torque because of their larger diameter wheels.

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