Validating incoming data using the biztalk business rules engine

May 2005 Applies to: Microsoft Biz Talk Server 2004 Summary: This paper describes the architecture and internal workings of Biz Talk Server 2004 as a messaging engine.

(30 printed pages) Microsoft Biz Talk Server 2004 provides a scalable, manageable platform for building message-based and business process-oriented applications.

The SQL Server database provides the persistence store for many things including messages, message parts, message properties, subscriptions, orchestration state, tracking data, host queues for routing, and others.

In addition, using stored procedures, the database provides some of the business logic related to routing messages and fulfilling subscriptions.

This interface is the only mechanism used by other Biz Talk Server components, including the adapter framework and orchestrations, to interact with the Message Box.

, which means that the Biz Talk Server code is running in a process that is not controlled by Biz Talk Server.

Before you review more detailed information about the various messaging components in Biz Talk Server, it is important to have an understanding of how the components fit into the overall architecture of the product.

The Message Box evaluates active subscriptions and routes the message to those orchestrations and send ports with matching subscriptions.This service is installed each time a new host instance is added through the Biz Talk Server Administration console and is configured with startup parameters that specify the name of the host which this instance represents.For isolated hosts, each instance represents a running instance of the process that contains Biz Talk Server-related processing code, for example an application pool in IIS.Within each of these host instances, several subservices are running.The exact services can be found in the adm_Host Instance_Sub Services table in the Biz Talk Server Management database.

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