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I don’t have any major lines, so I focus on plumping and hydrating—that’s the key for beauty.I’ll go to the Japanese grocery store and pick out any sheet masks that promise moisture.SKINCARE I always had pretty good skin until this period in my late 30s where it got really angry.I think it was a hormone change or something—I just kept getting these really awful bumps, one after another.Once I graduated in '91, I started working full-time immediately.

I've also been curating the eco section, called Yooxygen, as a part of the effort.

Once he realized, he was like ' You’re right, we have to chop it off.' So one day, we left a shoot, cut my hair off in my bathroom, and the rest is history. Now, my hair’s just crazy, I really don’t know what else to tell you.

It kind of has a mind of its own and it does its own thing no matter where I go.

While I was growing up on a farm in Oklahoma, I saw family members—my mom especially—protesting things..one point, they stopped a nuclear power plant from being built in our area.

More recently, I noticed that there's a lot of talk about how to clean up the supply chain in the fashion industry for the workers' sake and the environment.

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