Xkcd acceptable dating ages

I really wanted to help him, but as I said there is no way to make it happen here.I feel guilty about having to fire him even though it has to be done.He has been asked not to do this because sometimes people are printing more than one document, or they are printing things in a certain order, or they need to drop off whatever they printed at someone else’s desk.

It’s been one month and one of the interns is just not working out.He has a chortling laugh after he says something, whether it is funny or not.He is bright enough to have done well at school with a tough major and made the dean’s list all three years he has attended college, but his lacking of basic knowledge, current events, and common sense things is a constant frustration. Everyone has faults, and interns are meant to learn and figure out how things work in the professional world.He doesn’t change when asked to do or not do something and it has become clear there is no salvaging things.My manager agrees and has authorized me to fire him. As a manager I have fired people before, but it was always for things like misconduct, extreme absenteeism, etc.

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